Your baby's first photos beautifully and timelessly captured.

The first two weeks after birth is the best time to have your newborn photographed because that is when they are the smallest and most cooperative for photos. 


In all my newborn sessions I combine natural lifestyle photography with carefully posed setups. I bring a box or basket, blankets, and fresh flowers along to every session. All sessions will take place in the comfort of your own home with a flexible session time of two hours so we can take our time without feeling rushed.  

I was professionaly trained in newborn photography at a major hospital in North Carolina, and pride myself in providing a safe, worry-free experience for all parents and their babies. 

Prices start at £400


How many pictures will we receive?

I am an all-inclusive photographer. This means you will receive all of the very best photos from our photoshoot. For a standard 1-2 hour newborn shoot, that usually yeilds about 30 digital images. 

When should I schedule the pictures?

Within the first couple of weeks after birth is the ideal time to schedule your baby's pictures. Life often gets busy,  so booking before the baby is born is the best way to make sure the photos can be taken in a timely manner.  This is a suggestion only, and I'd be more than happy to photograph your baby at any time. 

Do I need to buy any outfits for baby?

I personally prefer baby to be naked (with a diaper) for the majority of the pictures so I will only bring plain white sheets, but if you would like to use any outfits or specific swaddles we can definitely use them!

Can family be in the photos?

Yes! I highly encourage parents, siblings, grandparents, or anyone else you'd like to be in the photos to participate. Your baby will want to see what their family looked like during this time.  

Can I print my pictures?

Yes! This is something I encourage! I always deliver images that will print well, but can't guarantee print quality from any lab but my own. I do offer a variety of super high-quality printed products if you prefer to print with me. 

Do you retouch the images?

Absolutely! I will edit all the images in a way that is consistent with what you see on my website. This includes the removal of blemishes. If you request extra retouching after the photos have been delivered, there will be a small fee per image requested. 

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