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2020 Goals

In my last blog post I reflected on what the past decade has meant for me, so now I'd like to turn my eyes to the future and talk about what I have planned for 2020. I don't really believe in making ultimatums or "New Year's Resolutions" for myself, but I think it's important to set goals because it can help you organize your time, your resources, and your energy in a more conscious way. I always love hearing what goals other people have set for themselves, and often use their goals as inspiration for what I can add to my list. This is why I am inspired to share some of my goals with you all.

I have a lot of things I want to accomplish with my career this year. Some are overarching goals that I will continue to implement for as long as I am in business, like tailoring my marketing and perfecting the experience that I offer. This includes doing more video content, being more intentional about what I post, building relationships with local businesses, saying yes to more networking opportunities, and adding more products for my clients to purchase. Some of my goals are more conclusive, like building a closet for my clients and hosting a styled-shoot with other creatives. In the past, I have often compared myself to beginner photographers or high-volume photographers who book large amounts of photoshoots per week, but this year I don't want to get caught up in the mental game of comparison that I often play. Instead, I want to focus less on booking as many clients as possible, and more on booking clients that are invested in my personal style of photography so that they have a more satisfying experience with me.

I have other more personal goals that I'm probably less likely to stick to, like getting better at sight-reading music, visiting Paris, baking more, and going to the gym more frequently. I love knowing what people will be working towards in the new year, so let me know if you have any cool goals and I might add them to my list!

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