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Amsterdam Flower Bike Photoshoot

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

I have been wanting to do a creative photoshoot like this to promote my YouTube and social media accounts for a while, but kept putting it off until now. I knew that since we had a cold spring and a mild summer, that time was limited for flower photoshoots before autumn starts blowing in. So I started making plans to finally do the photoshoot that I kept putting off.

When I think of Amsterdam I think of two things: flowers and bikes. I wanted this photoshoot to be the most quintessential Amsterdam photoshoot that I could possibly do, so I got my bike, filled my basket with flowers, and planned to take the photos right along the Prinsengracht canal. I contacted my friend Ornella, who had previously modelled for me in Amsterdam during our 2021 snow storm (read all about that here), and we made some magic.

There is nothing too original about this concept, but that doesn't make me like the photos any less. In fact, I wanted to these photos to be almost an advertisement for Amsterdam. Something I can put in an international portfolio and people would be able to immediately recognize that these photos were taken in Amsterdam.

If you come here you will see so many people riding their bikes in dresses with their weekly fresh flowers in tow. It's something that still amazes and charms me, and now I have captured that little part of Dutch culture that I love so much for my creative portfolio.

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