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Dark Academia Photoshoot at Chichester Cathedral

Dark academia is a social media aesthetic and subculture in higher education, writing/poetry, the arts, and classic Greek and Gothic architecture. The subculture is associated with ancient art and classic literature, and I have been obsessed with it this autumn.

I decided to do a photoshoot that incorporated many of the themes from the dark academia subculture. Luckily, my desire to take these types of photos coincided with my move to the UK, the land where the dark academia look is a naturally occuring aesthetic everywhere you look.

My lovely sister-in-law agreed to be my model for this shoot, and I dressed her in a school uniform inspired outfit with some old books as the main prop.

The closest city to us is Chichester, which just so happens to have one of the country's oldest and most beautiful cathedrals. I have visted this place many times, and knew it would be the ideal location for this shoot with it's forboding, Hogwarts-like halls and beautiful surrounding gardens.

This was my first official photoshoot since being back in the UK, and I couldn't be more pleased with the results. I hope you all enjoy this latest gallery.

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