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Dark Fantasy Photoshoot in the Heather Fields

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

Last year I visited the heather fields here in the Netherlands for the first time (read all about that here). I was absolutely blown away by how beautiful it was, and I knew that I just had to come back for a creative photoshoot.

The whole summer leading up to now has been the coldest, dreariest summer I have ever experienced. It never got above 75 degrees (23 celsius) so by the time late August came around, which of course means peak heather field blooms, I was already in a darker, more autumnal mood. I wanted this photoshoot to reflect that. So I decided that we would go with black, and settled on using one of my ballgown skirts from my client clost as the main look.

My lovely model, Sevda, came a long way to let me photograph her, and she was such a wonderful person to work with. She had a lot of patience with me as we took about two hours for the whole shoot. The typcial photoshoot with just one person often varies, but rarely goes over one hour, especially if we're just shooting in one location like we did for this shoot.

I really wanted to focus on not only getting amazing pictures, but some great video as well. If you've been following my work, then you know that I have been putting a lot of effort into my Youtube channel recently. Videography isn't something I've studied, so there is definitely a learning curve as I try to capture video to go along with my photoshoots.

I know there is still a ton of room for improvement, but as for now, I am quite proud of both the video and the photos from this shoot. At the end of this gallery you will find the final video, so please make sure to scroll all the way down :)

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