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Heather Fields in the Netherlands

Most people know about the tulip fields that the Netherlands is famous for in the early spring months, but few seem to be as excited about the purple heather fields that pop up towards the end of August and early September. The endless sea of purple creates a dreamy backdrop that certainly gives the tulips a run for their money.

The unique landscape is a photographer's dream, like something straight out of a fairy tale.

I am in constant pursuit of finding the best locations for photography wherever I go, so when I found out about the heather fields, I knew I had to go ASAP. I planned my visit for the last weekend in August when the heather is suppose to reach its peak.

I live in Amsterdam, so the closest field for me to visit was the Westerhiede nature reserve. You can take the train straight to Hilversum from central station, and the park is a short easy cycle from there. One of the perks of visiting this particular heather location is that it is also scattered with Highland cows.

The Scottish Highland cattle look fierce with their big horns, but they are actually quite docile creatures.

A bike path through the heather just after a quick summer shower.

Take your bike and a lunch in your backpack, you're gonna want to stay a while.

The heather fields are the hidden gem of the Netherlands, and when in full bloom, they are absolutely magical. Visiting one of these fields should definitely make your list of things to see when visiting the Netherlands.

Check out this short video I filmed while in the heather fields!

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