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My Client Closet

A client closet is a wardrobe curated specifically to help people look amazing for their portrait sessions, and I've finally made one of my own! Each piece has been hand-picked by me to fit my personal style of photography, and is available for you to borrow for your next photoshoot with me.

This is something that I have been wanting to implement in my business for a while, but I've taken my time with it in an attempt to be mindful and intentional about each item to make sure they are all unique, high-quality pieces that are worthy of representing my personal brand, instead of just buying off the rack. I am so proud and excited to have some really beautiful pieces that I know people are going to love, and am even more excited about the value this will add to my clients' experience with me as their photographer.

I've slowly been collecting articles of clothing and accessories over the past several months and have had three main criteria when looking for pieces to add to my collection:

1. Is this a piece most people are likely to already have in their personal closet? If yes, I don't get it. I only want to offer unique pieces that the average person probably wouldn't wear on a daily basis, like some of the ballgown skirts that I have available.

2. Is the piece aesthetically consistent with my brand and personal style of photography? In an attempt to do what all the expert marketers recommend: I must stay on brand haha. So if the piece isn't something consistent with my style, it is out.

3. I have to absolutely love it and be excited to photograph it. I must also be convinced that my clients will love it just as much. If I am on the fence, I don't get it.

If you've ever thought about booking a portrait session with me, now you will have the added benefit of choosing from my wardrobe instead of just yours! Click here to have browse through what I already have available, and stay tuned because I plan to keep adding new items!

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