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New Chapter: Embracing Cottage Life

Hello friends, it's been a while.

My husband and I have been through some pretty big life changes since my last blog post. One of the most exciting of those changes is that we have moved into a cottage in England!

Look how excited we are!!

We left the Netherlands in October of last year, and took several months to work on a few personal projects and to enjoy seeing our loved ones after the pandemic.

After several months of hopping from one family member's house to another, we have officially settled into a place of our own!

It's a cute little mews cottage tucked into the center of a small market town in the beautiful green hills of Surrey. This has been a very exciting and welcome change from our small, one-bedroom apartment in the city center of Amsterdam.

A traditional mews house is part of a row or street of unique houses of character, usually found tucked away in an alleyway or courtyard.

During this new chapter of ours, I plan on making a slight shift in the type of content that I share online. I have big plans, not least of which includes writing more blog posts for you to read ;)

As for the type of content I will be focused on creating, it will be a lot more personal and include more aspects of my life, my interests, and the lifestyle that I want to create. Like the title of the blog suggests, now that I live in a cottage in the English countryside, I plan to fully embrace that lifestyle and reflect it in my content. I have been transitioning into sharing more personal content for a while now, so I hope you will hardly notice the transition ;)

I still plan on doing the occasional photoshoot, so if that is the type of thing you like to see most from me, don't worry! I will still be posting any portrait work that I do, it just won't be my sole focus for a while.

Thanks for reading! You will hear from me again very soon!

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