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Pretty in Pink // A Defining Photoshoot

Most photographers have a photoshoot that they think perfectly expresses their style, a photoshoot that yields images that are defining in nature, and serve as a bar to which we measure our other photos. For me, that is this photoshoot.

I took these photos in July of 2018, with a local girl back home in Goldsboro, North Carolina. I stumbled upon Veronica's instagram one evening, and when I saw the pictures of her bright, pink hair, I knew I had to photograph her. I have always loved pink hair, an obsession that probably stems from my childhood love of anime lol. The summer before this I had (regrettably) dyed my own hair pink with some "temporary" dye. I did not pull it off NEARLY as well as Veronica did though.

I knew I could create some amazing photos utilizing Veronica's unique look, especially if I could get her against some flowers that were the same color as her hair. I felt inspired, and something that I've had to learn as a photographer, is to jump at opportunities and inspirations before I lose the courage or get lazy. At this point, reaching out to people on instagram wasn't something that I did regularly, in fact, it was something that made me a little bit anxious. Despite being hesitant, I asked Veronica if she would pose in some photos for me. She said yes!

I usually go into photoshoots with a list of poses that I HAVE to get in order for the shoot to feel finished, and I already had a vision in my head of the exact pictures that I wanted to capture with Veronica's pink hair. I had even done a couple of quick sketches of how it would turn out under ideal circumstances, and how I wish I could find those little doodles because the photos ended up being an exact match!

Sometimes inspiration strikes, the stars align, and fantastic images are made. And while I have taken plenty of images that I love and am proud of since these, I don't think I will ever stop sharing the photos with Veronica's pink hair.

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