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Sunny Summer Portraits in Amsterdam with Katie

It's summer time in Amsterdam, and due to the country's northern position in the hemisphere, the Netherlands has very early sunrises and very late sunsets. This, coupled with the fact that we have been blessed with an uncharacteristic amount of sunshine and warm weather, has made Amsterdam feel like a completely different city from what I had come to know during the winter.

As a photographer, I am always thinking about light and the best time to take photos. So for me, longer sunnier days means more time and opportunities to take pictures outside. I took these photos with Katie in Amsterdam between 8-9pm, and the lighting was AMAZING! We could have kept taking pictures until 10pm if we wanted to because there was still so much light!

These photos were taken in the Jordaan area at almost 9pm. The sun bounces off her bright yellow dress and red hair and makes the pictures feel like a golden summer dream.

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